STEM work experience student joins us for the day

Always great to have a work experience student in. A little basic laser physics and optics theory with some hands on experimentation. Then helping out in manufacturing, alignment and inspection/dispatch. He did a fantastic job and we were pleased to have him join us.

Advanced aerospace carbon fibre for optimal performance

Laser articulated arms are designed with the laser beam well aligned in position and angle while the arm is moved “articulated”. The arm lengths may have unsupported spans of up to 3m. They are also required to carry the mass of the distal fitting handpiece and internal optics.

During operation, movement by a surgeon for example, they will be force loaded in shear. This will cause the tubes to bend and dynamically misalign the output laser beam. Designing high stiffness tubes is important but it is essential that the tubes remain well within their elastic limits. As spans and loads increase metal tubes must be thicker walled or have additional support pieces. These metal tubes then become increasingly heavy and at risk of permanent deformation in use. There is also a risk of degradation in performance during repetitive operation, “fatigue” and they will take on a permanent deformation “bend”.

With advanced aerospace carbon fibre tubes the properties, such as modulus of elasticity can be manipulated to optimise the performance while still keeping them light. Alban use custom designed carbon fibre tubes for all their laser articulating arms

celebrate success

On the 30th of May 2022, Alban light Systems Ltd celebrated its success on the production of its 3000th laser articulating arm. Thanks to our guests Alison McLeod of Technology Scotland, Douglas Chapman MP and Paul Sykes of Fife Chamber of Commerce.

technology scotland

On May 10th 2022, Alban Light Systems joined Technology Scotland which includes Photonics Scotland

laser world of photonics

Alban were present at the huge laser world of Photonics conference and exhibition in Munich  April 26-29 2022